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    CTV News - Defence confirms breach of medical information. (25.12.10)
    CTV News - SCC reinstates military veterans class-action lawsuit. (23.12.10)
    CNews - Court gives go-ahead to veteran's lawsuit. (23.12.10)
    CTV News - Deadline extended for Agent Orange payment applications. (22.12.10)
    CNews - Lawyers helping Ontario veterans. (16.12.10)
    CNews - Vet settles lawsuit over privacy breaches. (18.11.10)
    CTV News - Support system is broken, veterans' ombud says. (10.11.10)
    CNews - Coast Guard honours WWI vets. (10.11.10)
    CNews - Our veterans deserve better. (10.11.10)
    CNews - Soldier died for nothing, mom says. (10.11.10)
    CTV News - Sheila Fraser to audit New Veterans Charter. (08.11.10)
    CNews - Vets protest across Canada over benefits. (06.11.10)
    CNews - Veterans' food bank cupboards bare. (28.10.10)
    CNews - Feds apologize to vet. (25.10.10)
    CNews - Mystery of war vet in photo solved, family found. (24.10.10)
    CNews - Book chronicles Canada's Second World War vets. (23.10.10)
    CNews - Searching for family of WW I soldier. (15.10.10)
    CNews - Heads may roll over privacy breach, minister says. (07.10.10)
    CTV News - Ottawa to spend nearly $53M to help injured vets. (28.09.10)
    CNews - Help on way for homeless veterans. (25.09.10)
    CNews - War veterans get their place in the sun. (25.09.10)
    CNews - 'Trapped in a uniform'. (25.09.10)
    CTV News - Psych report of veterans critic improperly accessed. (22.09.10)
    CNews - D-Day anniversary commemorated. (07.06.10)
    CNews - Project offers personal WWII stories. (05.06.10)
    CNews - Project captures D-Day stories. (05.06.10)
    CNews - Via Rail gives free summer travel to soldiers, families. (30.05.10)
    CNews - Veteran pushing for justice for nuke testing victims. (16.05.10)
    CNews - Students trudge through WW I trenches. (15.05.10)
    CNews - 'Thank you,' Dutch tell Canadian liberators. (09.05.10)
    CNews - Vets humbled by Dutch gratitude on VE Day. (08.05.10)
    CNews - Thankful crowd marks vets' sacrifices. (08.05.10)
    CNews - Younger Canadians not keen for battle: survey. (06.05.10)
    CNews - PM salutes Canadians who helped free the Netherlands. (06.05.10)
    CNews - Man dies hours before ceremony honouring his father. (06.05.10)
    CNews - Dutch line streets to honour Canadian heroes. (05.05.10)
    CNews - Dutch appreciation of Canada still strong. (03.05.10)
    CNews - Canadian vets, Dutch bond endures. (30.04.10)
    CNews - Complaints may restore war memorial. (24.04.10)
    CNews - Anger over neglected war memorial. (23.04.10)
    CNews - MP: 'Gold-digger' veteran clause 'unfair'. (11.01.10)

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    CTV News - Harper to focus on economic recovery while in S. Korea. (06.12.09)
    CTV News - Harper to pay tribute to war dead in Hong Kong. (05.12.09)
    CNews - Canadian hero honoured in Italian campaign. (30.11.09)
    CNews - Homeless veterans not forgotten. (12.11.09)
    CTV News - Remember soldiers who suffer 'in silence,' vet says. (11.11.09)
    CNews - Vimy Ridge vet's medals returned. (11.11.09)
    CNews - New guide shines light on military. (11.11.09)
    CTV News - Stolen medal returned to First World War vet's family. (10.11.09)
    CTV News - Vet's son brings war history to life in online tribute. (10.11.09)
    CNews - Many Canadians in the dark about troops. (10.11.09)
    CTV News - Dutch remember Canadian war effort, but in May. (09.11.09)
    CTV News - Survey aims to clear up myths about veterans' lives. (08.11.09)
    CNews - Bakery told to nix poppy tribute. (06.11.09)
    CNews - Businesses refuse poppy blitz. (06.11.09)
    CNews - Vimy artifact tells great tale. (06.11.09)
    CNews - Poppy pin prompts legal threat. (05.11.09)
    CTV News - Victoria city worker finds WWI victory medal in ditch. (28.10.09)
    CBC News - HMCS Kootenay survivors mark 40th anniversary. (02.10.09)
    CNews - Priceless war memories stolen. (02.09.09)
    CTV News - Canadians in Battle of Hong Kong honoured. (15.08.09)
    CNews - WWII Hong Kong vets to be honoured. (14.08.09)
    CNews - WW II hero wins hospital battle. (31.07.09)
    CNews - Korea War never to be forgotten. (28.07.09)
    CNews - Flag flap leads to war of words. (27.07.09)
    CNews - Vets happy with changes to protect monument. (25.07.09)
    CNews - Vet's medals linked to B.C. native. (25.06.09)
    CNews - Mystery of WW1 soldier's medals deepens. (24.06.09)
    CNews - Hospital threat against WW2 vet 'illegal'. (19.06.09)
    CTV News - Top court to hear soldier's bid to recover insurance. (18.06.09)
    CNews - Hospital to charge Dieppe veteran $700 a day. (18.06.09)
    CNews - Battleground voyage journey of healing for vet. (09.06.09)
    CNews - Woman hopes to return war vet's medals. (09.06.09)
    CNews - Canadian vet wins over Obamas. (08.06.09)
    CNews - Son visits hero dad's grave for first time. (08.06.09)
    CNews - Canadian soldiers praised. (08.06.09)
    CNews - Vet recalls glow of rocket fire on D-Day. (07.06.09)
    CNews - Soldiers who stormed Normandy honoured. (06.06.09)
    CTV News - Canadian Navy D-Day monument unveiled. (05.06.09)
    CNews - Anniversary brings back bad memories. (05.06.09)
    CNews - D-Day for dad, b-day for son. (05.06.09)
    CNews - Canadian veterans to mark D-Day. (04.06.09)

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    CNews - Captured Nazi flag liberated. (19.12.08)
    CTV News - Canadian soldier killed in 1944 buried in France. (14.11.08)
    CTV News - Fighter pilot 'Flying Fox' remembered as hero. (11.11.08)
    CTV News - WWI was Canada’s 'coming of age'. (11.11.08)
    CTV News - Son hopes to buy father's naval medals at auction. (10.11.08)
    CTV News - First Nations soldiers honour Aboriginal veterans. (10.11.08)
    CTV News - Authentic Nazi war memorabilia in high demand. (10.11.08)
    CNews - 'They were ordinary Canadians like us'. (10.11.08)
    CNews - Canada's last man to fall. (10.11.08)
    CTV News - Web brings 90 years of war stories to life. (09.11.08)
    CNews - Students, soldiers and citizens solemn at Vimy Ridge. (09.11.08)
    CBC News - Canadian veterans mark Remembrance Sunday in Britain. (09.11.08)
    CTV News - Letter-writing fosters remembrance in Internet age. (07.11.08)
    CTV News - Homesless vets left like 'someone bleeding on the battlefield'. (06.11.08)
    CTV News - Veterans' Legion battles falling membership. (06.11.08)
    CTV News - Criteria for Sacrifice Medal reviewed after outcry. (06.11.08)
    CTV News - Trans-Atlantic vigil honours Canada's war dead. (05.11.08)
    CTV News - P.E.I. war veterans receive U.S. Bronze Star. (04.11.08)
    CTV News - Canada at War: Lives Given and Lost. (04.11.08)
    CTV News - Queen launches vigil for Canada's war dead. (04.11.08)
    CTV News - Queen pays tribute before trip to Canada. (04.11.08)
    CTV News - Only Canadian twice awarded Distinguished medal dies. (18.10.08)
    CTV News - Grim but realistic 'Passchendaele' undermined by religious imagery. (16.10.08)
    CTV News - 'Passchendaele' a tribute to Paul Gross's grandfather. (15.10.08)
    CTV News - First-ever National Peacekeepers Day to be marked. (09.08.08)
    CTV News - Korean war vets see parallels with Afghanistan. (27.07.08)
    CTV News - Veterans outraged after war memorial desecrated. (22.07.08)
    CTV News - Loved ones gather to remember Hamilton Southam. (20.07.08)
    CTV News - Canadian Korean War veterans mark anniversary. (14.07.08)
    CTV News - Canadian, German veterans mark sinking of warship. (06.07.08)
    CTV News - Ceremony honours little-known black battalion. (05.07.08)
    CNews - Poppy fund helps veteran, 90, get mobile. (28.05.08)
    CTV News - Canada unveils new medal for battlefield bravery. (16.05.08)
    CTV News - Canada's oldest WWI vet a Canadian again. (08.05.08)
    CTV News - Canadians mark Battle of the North Atlantic. (04.05.08)
    CTV News - SCC won't take up damage claim by disabled vets. (17.01.08)

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    CTV News - Veteran's widow to get pension after 40 years. (15.11.07)
    CNews - Vets' families 'disgusted' by feds. (09.11.07)
    CTV News - Agent Orange compensation cheques in the mail. (07.11.07)
    CTV News - Veterans win court battle in Agent Orange fight. (23.10.07)
    CTV News - Museum strikes compromise over bomber display. (10.10.07)
    CTV News - Funeral brings closure to WWII airmens' families. (04.10.07)
    CBC News - Canadian, British WWII airmen laid to rest in Poland. (04.10.07)
    CTV News - Saskatoon looks for options to honour veterans. (30.09.07)
    CTV News - Government to probe herbicide use on military bases. (30.09.07)
    CTV News - Veterans protest disability payment deductions. (13.09.07)
    CTV News - Agent Orange payment inadequate, critics say. (12.09.07)
    CTV News - Soldiers commemorate WWII liberation of Belgium. (08.09.07)
    CTV News - Museum dispute not attempt to change history: vet. (29.08.07)
    CTV News - Veterans remember Dieppe at sombre ceremony. (19.07.07)
    CTV News - Dieppe veterans gather to mark 65th anniversary. (18.07.07)
    CTV News - Cherry humbled by Royal Canadian Legion honour. (10.07.07)
    CTV News - 'Medal detector' reunites veterans with war medals. (28.06.07)
    CTV News - Ottawa boosts security at National War Memorial. (27.06.07)
    CTV News - Senate urges war museum: rewrite bombing exhibit. (12.06.07)
    CTV News - One of two surviving WW1 vets dies at age 106. (09.05.07)
    CNews - Veteran soldiers angry over museum display. (03.05.07)
    CTV News - War museum says it won't change exhibit. (02.05.07)
    CTV News - Air force vets declare war on museum display. (18.04.07)
    CTV News - Prince Edward pays homage to bloody battle. (14.04.07)
    CTV News - Afghanistan deaths hang over Vimy commemoration. (09.04.07)
    CTV News - Vimy sacrifice remembered on 90th anniversary. (09.04.07)
    CBC News - Vimy part of Canada's 'creation story': PM. (09.04.07)
    CTV News - Harper talks of sacrifice over generations. (08.04.07)
    CBC News - Harper honours Vimy legacy in France. (08.04.07)
    CBC News - Harper attends church, visits Vimy memorial. (08.04.07)
    CNews - No doubt, nor hesitation. (08.04.07)
    CNews - Canadian hero buried with WWI comrades. (08.04.07)
    CTV News - Harper and family arrive in France for Vimy visit. (07.04.07)
    CTV News - Long-missing Canadian soldier finally buried. (07.04.07)
    CTV News - Officials scramble to fix errors at Vimy memorial. (06.04.07)
    CTV News - Remembering Arthur Currie: Canadian war hero. (04.04.07)
    CTV News - Political spat erupts over Vimy ceremony. (03.04.07)
    CTV News - Excerpt from 'Victory at Vimy' by Ted Barris. (03.04.07)
    CTV News - Canadian kids to honour the fallen at Vimy Ridge. (02.04.07)
    CTV Toronto News - WWII Victoria Cross winner remembered. (25.03.07)
    CTV News - Ottawa undecided on Victoria Cross plan, PM says. (06.03.07)
    CTV News - Top military honour now cast in Canada: report. (03.03.07)
    CTV News - Committee urges creation of military-vet ombud. (22.02.07)
    CTV News - One of three surviving First World War vets dies. (22.02.07)
    CTV News - Vet sought after present found on battlefield. (03.01.07)
    CTV News - Study: War trauma may raise heart risks. (01.01.07)

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    CTV News - Vets will get compensation for chemical testing. (22.11.06)
    CTV News - Commons approves motion for state funeral. (21.11.06)
    CTV News - Vets' group say soldiers deserve better benefits. (15.11.06)
    CTV News - Family shocked after dead vet's home ransacked. (12.11.06)
    CTV News - Canadians losing touch with military history. (10.11.06)
    CTV News - 'War Brides Train' arrives in Ottawa. (10.11.06)
    CNews - War ended NHL career. (10.11.06)
    CNews - With a song in their hearts. (10.11.06)
    CNews - Love and war. (10.11.06)
    CNews - Students pay tribute. (10.11.06)
    CTV News - 'War Brides' and husbands renew vows in Halifax. (08.11.06)
    CTV News - War bride train rolls into Halifax's Pier 21. (07.11.06)
    CTV News - War brides to revisit their journeys to Canada. (06.11.06)
    CTV News - Veterans call for better post-mission care. (02.11.06)
    CTV News - Feds to review Agent Orange compensation package. (13.10.06)
    CTV News - Canadian WWII airmen buried in Netherlands. (27.09.06)
    CTV News - Ottawa urged to give wounded soldiers medals. (21.09.06)
    CTV News - Veterans mark 64th anniversary of Dieppe raid. (19.08.06)
    CTV News - Executed WW1 soldiers to be pardoned by Britain. (16.08.06)
    CTV News - Feds will compensate CFB Gagetown victims. (12.08.06)
    CTV News - Reports on CFB Gagetown say health risk minimal. (11.08.06)
    CTV News - War vet to get $1.1M for pension injustice. (25.07.06)
    CTV News - Harper tours Vimy Ridge; wife Laureen sheds tears. (18.07.06)
    CTV News - Police identify men who vandalized war memorial. (06.07.06)
    CTV News - Police launch probe into war memorial defacement. (04.07.06)
    CTV News - Veterans outraged by war memorial defacement. (03.07.06)
    CTV News - Canadians celebrating nation's 139th birthday. (01.07.06)
    CTV News - First World War vets honoured at War Memorial. (01.07.06)
    CTV News - Herbicides at N.B. base were common: reports. (01.07.06)
    CTV News - Second World War veterans gather in Normandy. (06.06.06)
    CTV News - Battle of Atlantic remembered in sombre ceremony. (07.05.06)
    CTV News - Harper unveils veterans' charter, thanks soldiers. (06.04.06)
    CTV News - Advocate attacks new veterans' benefits plan. (01.04.06)
    CTV News - Veterans urge PM to delay benefits legislation. (21.03.06)

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    CTV News - Court awards vets $4.6 billion in unpaid interest. (30.12.05)
    CTV News - B.C. marks passing of First World War veteran. (19.12.05)
    CTV News - Former worker: Gagetown toxic barrels were given away. (11.11.05)
    CTV News - WWII veteran recalls being taken prisoner. (10.11.05)
    CTV News - Vet deserves pension after 44 years: ombudsman. (09.11.05)
    CTV News - Now is the week to say thanks to a veteran. (06.11.05)
    CTV News - Carvers restoring names on Vimy war memorial. (06.11.05)
    CTV News - Veterans win poppy battle with Burger King. (04.11.05)
    CTV News - Gulf War didn't impact vets' cancer rates: study. (03.11.05)
    CTV News - Historic Second World War plane raised from lake. (02.11.05)
    CTV News - GG meets aboriginal delegates at Juno Beach. (30.10.05)
    CTV News - Aboriginal veterans visit with Governor General. (26.10.05)
    CTV News - Victoria Cross finds a home at the War Museum. (18.10.05)
    CTV News - Possible chemical dump sites found at NB base. (14.10.05)
    CTV News - Changes urged in NB Agent Orange inquiry. (13.10.05)
    CNews - Restore veterans' records: MP. (06.10.05)
    CTV News - Gagetown inquiry chief quits for health reasons. (05.10.05)
    CNews - Feds have Agent Orange plan. (04.08.05)
    CNews - Vet benefits tuneup: $1B. (06.04.05)
    CNews - More medals up for sale. (12.01.05)


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